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In Her Own Way

Aug 29, 2018

Trigger warning: we talk openly about addiction, our past addictive behaviours and the rawness of recovery in this episode. If you feel like this maybe too raw or triggering for you, I totally understand. I have decided to pivot a bit with the content that I speak about on this podcast and want to dig deeper into the gritty details of the human existence. And for me, that is unmasking common perceptions -- in this instance -- addiction. I have asked Odette Cressler to come onto the podcast to talk about her journey with addiction. Starting when she was 14 - until she sought treatment at 24. What does a path of a seemingly ‘ok’ addict look like? How do you blend in, but are silently suffering? If you get married, whilst keeping your addiction a secret, until it surfaces as newlyweds? My goal is to share Odette’s and my experiences as a way to unmask what addition / addicts ‘look’ like in many of our perceptions. How we can be supportive to those who are going through recovery - and more importantly discuss honestly what the path of recovery looks like. Odette Cressler is the founder of The Harmony Tribe. She was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to San Diego seven years ago. She lives with her husband John, her daughter Sienna, her son Max and her dog, Charlie. Odette loves to enjoy the city of San Diego with her family, they love camping, checking out new restaurants, going to the beach and spending time outside. Odette has been in recovery from her eating disorder for five years, she helps people with their health habits and promotes a lifestyle in which people can find their own definition of harmony. Odette believes that being authentic to ourselves and owning who we are is the root to finding harmony and peace within recovery.

If you would like to speak to someone about addiction, please seek the following Australian based resources:


Butterfly Foundation

Beyond Blue